I’m thrilled to share the Moon’s Ramadan Teacher’s Guide. This guide was created by Marcie Colleen, a former teacher with a BA in English Education from Oswego State and a MA in Educational Theater from NYU.

Inside the Guide

  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • A Ramadan Timeline
  • Writing Activities
  • Write the Scene
  • Wish You Were Here ~ Postcards from All Over
  • Language Activities
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Spot the Alliteration
  • Moon Grows Fuller ~ Point of View
  • The Language of Ramadan
  • New Vocabulary: Peace
  • Math
  • A Geometric Moon Collage
  • Henna Body Art
  • Science
  • One Moon, Many Phases
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Recreating the Phases of the Moon
  • Social Studies
  • Friends from Around the World
  • Finding Commonalities/Uniqueness
  • Our Holidays and Celebrations
  • Ramadan is a Time for Sharing
  • Peace Inside and Outside Me

Download the guide by clicking on this link or choosing “Right Click + Save As”:

Peace & Salam,


Moon's Ramadan Releasing February 28, 2023