Hello! My name is Natasha Khan Kazi. I am an author and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA.

As an author and illustrator, my creative work is rooted in empathy, diversity, and childhood joy. As a Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant, I did not see myself in the stories I read as a child. Now, with every word choice and every stroke of the pencil, I draw from my experiences. I find joy in uplifting stories that reinforce our common humanity, along with stories that expand the reader’s worldview.  

My family and I came to the United States for financial security. My parents preferred I pursue Business over English and Art. But I never stopped writing and drawing every day and finally found my happy place. When I gave myself permission to pursue my passion, I found a bottomless well of inspiration. I hope my work encourages children and adults to never give up on their dreams.

Above all, with whatever I create, I seek to nurture a world with room for everyone.

Additional resources:

I am represented by Tanusri Prasanna at DeFiore and Company. For publishing/illustration inquiries, please contact: tanusri(at)defliterary.com.

Forthcoming titles:

MOON’S RAMADAN (Versify/HarperCollins, 2023)
UNTITLED (Versify/HarperCollins, 2024)

Moon's Ramadan Releasing February 28, 2023