Schedule me for your school event! Right now, I am offering a limited number of virtual and in-person visits for the 2022-2023 school year, due to my writing and illustrating schedule. But I’d love to find a time to visit your school.

I am an author-illustrator and mother of two elementary school students.  I am happy to work with you to tailor the visit length, format, and content to address the needs and interests of your organization. Whether it’s a handful or a school full, I share my knowledge of writing and illustration to engage and entertain.

Choose from the sample themes below, or work with me to customize programs to meet your needs. Most programs can be combined with hands-on activities.

Author Visit Flyer

Sample Program Themes

  • Revise Like An Author-Illustrator: Mistakes are opportunities. Help students build a creative mindset toward making “mistakes.” I share my revision process and leave everyone loving revision!
  • Celebrate Identity: Students write poetry about their unique identity, family traditions, culture, and/or faith.
  • How a Book Is Made: From idea to the bookshelf

For more information or to invite me to speak, please fill out this form:

Feedback From Presentations

“Thank you again for such a wonderful session last night (afternoon). All had fantastic things to say after leaving the program.”

– Natalie Haid, Diversity and Adult Services Librarian, Brampton Library

“It was so amazing having you join us. Our kiddos had an AMAZING time! …insha’Allah you’ll be able to come back once your book is out!”

– Saniya Ibrahim, Teacher , New Horizon School

Photography used with permission from schools/libraries.

Prepping for the Visit

Getting teachers and students excited for the visit before the big day is key to a successful visit. I created this video to give students a sneak peak of what it’s like to hang out with an author-illustrator!

Moon's Ramadan Releasing February 28, 2023

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