Natasha loves to celebrate cultural and religious diversity. She launched IslamiMommy, a platform for Islamic education, in 2017. Between, 2004-2016, she was the Co-Founder and Director of SAPNA Magazine, a magazine for the South Asian diaspora.


IslamiMommy is an exploration, confession, and conversation. Through arts and crafts, Natasha shares ways to celebrate Islam. Natasha shares activities on IslamiMommy to spark joy in Muslim children. She also loves when her projects invite non-Muslims in, fostering empathy and understanding.

Sharing Ramadan In The Classroom

If you are looking for resources for sharing Ramadan in the classroom, visit IslamiMommy’s Ramadan page:

SAPNA Magazine

SAPNA Magazine launched in June 2004 with the mission to be a platform for the South Asian American woman’s cultural identity: a place where South Asians (and non-South Asians) can connect to the South Asian American experience. The website retired in 2020. You can still visit the archives here:

Moon's Ramadan Releasing February 28, 2023